Monday, April 20, 2009


With the almost arrival of spring I am finding I can have productive boat building days. I can do some epoxy work in the morning in the basement and them move outside to the garage to scarf hull panels and do various sanding tasks.

Doesn't look like much but the photo shows the invaluable scarfing jig for the circular saw. It took only about 10 minutes to build, some screws, and part of a 2 x 4. From start to finish, in only 5 minutes I can set up the jig and cut a perfect 3 foot scarf in the 1/4 " plywood. This includes masking the scarf with packing tape to make epoxy cleanup easier. 

Here are the hull and side panels being glued together at the scarf joints. The pail is not really part of the clamping, the joints are temporarily screwed together through wooden clamping blocks. The small electric heater and halogen light will keep the garage above freezing at night time and daytime temperatures are forecast to be at least 15 C for the next couple of days. You can see the boat cradle on the right hand side all ready to go once the hull and sides are cut from the blanks. 

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