Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kind of looks like a boat...

I cut out the hull panels and couldn't resist a test fit in the cradle. The keelson needed a bit of trimming on one side for a better fit but it is a lot more exciting now that there is actually a shape to the boat. When I was transferring the hull pattern I didn't mark the holes for the wire stitches; I simply drilled right through the marks on the paper. 

Meanwhile in the basement epoxy shop the floorboards are drying before they get sanded and the gaff and bowsprit have been epoxied at least once. The rudder and centerboard are also epoxied and ready for sanding. 

When I was test fitting the hull panels to the keelson I tried some temporary stitches and found out you have to get on your back under the hull to twist them tight. If someone has some secret more comfortable way of accomplishing this I'd be grateful to know.

I am going to have to reorganize the garage again or some of my tools will be impossible to get out while the boat is in the cradle. A single garage is proving to be a little crowded. I'm lucky I didn't decide on a bigger boat.


Hendrik said...

We both appear to have limited amount of room available. I am considering building rollers under the cradle to move the boat sideways as an effort to gain better access to either side of the cradle.
What your thoughts?

Dave C. said...

Sounds like a practical solution. I was just looking at furniture sliders. They are slippery disks that attach to the bottom of furniture to let you slide furniture up to 1000 lbs across a floor or carpet easily. A set of 4 at a home center is about $10. Could be easier than attaching rollers as long as they slide across concrete. For $10 I'll try them out and let you know how they work. Let me know if rollers work for you.