Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cirque du Soleil and Dancing With the Stars

What does the title of the post have to do with boat building ? Well, if you want some weight loss just like the competitors on Dancing With the Stars then try the cardiovascular workout of hand planing the more than 60 feet of edges on the side panels of the boat. As for Cirque du Soleil you can see from the photo of the garage I had to use my best contortionist and balancing act to apply the fiberglass to the side panels without falling into the boat hull which is pushed as far to the side of the garage as it will go.

The above photo shows all the bulkheads being epoxied and having their cleats glued on. The epoxied gaff is also visible on the right hand side. One more coat of epoxy to fill the fiberglass weave on the side panels and then sanding of the side panels, floorboards, and bulkheads and I will be ready for some serious boat assembly.

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