Sunday, November 24, 2013

And now, for something completely different!

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Pocketship or sailing.

It is an unabashed self-serving promotion of the official launch of my first novel that I am optimistic you will not be offended by.

Encouraged by some kind comments from readers of this blog about enjoying my relaxed and easy writing voice I embarked on a journey more than two years ago to see, as the saying goes, if I had a novel inside me.

Tomorrow’s News, an idea spawned from a dream, was the result.  My completely unbiased opinion is that my short novel is a fast-paced, easy to read adventure, interspersed with humour and true historical facts about Gimli, Manitoba. Gimli is situated on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, which is the inland sea my Pocketship “So True” sailed on from 2009 to 2013.

The book is classified as science fiction but the science fiction is integrated into the story in a plausible manner and based on real scientific principles. The book is available on Amazon as a Kindle Edition.  The book is suitable reading for young adults. At first, I had some apprehension about my story being a novella in length, but then realized I wasn’t in such bad company when I saw this list. 

Below is a draft of the back cover and includes a brief blurb about the book.  The book is available for purchase here.  The book sells for $2.99, but as loyal readers of my blog, I am giving you advance notice that a promotion will be running December 25 to January 1 and it will be selling for only $.99.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Final Post --- Old Captain...New Captain

The official hand off of "So True" was official on Sunday, August 11, 2013.  In the photo above is me, the old captain on the right, squinting into sun shaking the hand of the new captain Mike Gannon. Mike and his wife Marie-AndrĂ©e undertook a 2400 km three day drive from Montreal to pick up the first Pocketship to launch after the prototype.

As shown by the title this will be the final post on my blog but Mike has indicated he may start up a blog to document the future sailing adventures of So True on the Saint Lawrence and its tributaries.
I will leave the blog active as surprisingly to me it still attracts a regular and consistent readership even though my posts have basically stopped.

Although our sailing experiences on So True were limited I have not regretted for one second the marvellous memories of my first boat building project. Final kudos are due to the designer, John C. Harris, of Chesapeake Light Craft for the fantastic design and excellent comprehensive building plans.

As far as boat building projects go, I am kind of working backwards on the size scale. Last summer I built a hybrid Wood Duck 12 with a cedar strip deck for my brother to use a fishing kayak and when we move to Australia next year I plan at some point to make a pair of stand up paddle boards.

The two captains in a more relaxed pose.

Proud new owner

Correction... two new proud owners.

Proud old (and I mean previous, not old as in age) owners.

So True starts its 2400 km road trip back to Montreal.
Pocketship's beautiful lines look almost as good on the trailer as when afloat.

There was a little bit of sadness seeing my creation drive away but I cannot imagine So True finding a more deserving and enthusiastic new captain.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dave's Pocketship is for Sale

I am leaving this post up but as of last week the status of "So True" is sale pending.


Sale Details

"So True" is just over 3 years old but is basically brand new. She has only been on the water for perhaps half a dozen short sails. The boat has always been stored summer and winter in her own portable garage and therefore has had very little exposure to the elements.  The customized trailer has less than 150 kilometres on it and the 2.5 HP Suzuki four stroke outboard has probably 5 running hours and is not even done the 10 hour break in period.

Technically, "So True" is a gaff-rigged sloop with more than 300 pounds of lead ballast in the hull and shallow keel which makes her extremely stable for a 15 foot sailboat. She also has a self-furling jib and all control lines and halyards can be operated from the roomy cockpit. More details are available at the Pocketship website.

I am asking $12, 499 for the boat, trailer, motor and accessories like life jackets, paddles, first aid kit, bumpers etc. This basically would be recouping the cost of materials as Pocketships in other locales have had marine surveys done putting the value at $25,000.

Any interested potential buyers can leave a comment with any questions or email me at dcurtis100 at

Lots of photos are shown below: