Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The tulips are up...honest

I spent 5 to 6 hours working on the mast today and yes that is snow STILL on the ground. It was slow work sanding the scarfs , cutting the tapers on the staves with a circular saw, and planing the curved edges by hand nice and smooth. Set up the router table to cut the rabbet joints on the side staves and had lots of fun handling the 16 foot staves by myself.

Dry-fitted the mast together to check the fit and have a few places where the rabbet joint needs to trimmed a bit to get a better fit but overall the mast looks true and straight.

I am hoping that with the weather supposedly returning to seasonal norms that the snow will be gone by the weekend and I can move patio furniture etc. out of what is becoming a very crowded garage/boat workshop. I definitely need to create some space so that I can scarf and cut out the hull panels.
 I am also optimistic that we can continue a birthday tradition of the last few years and have my wife's birthday dinner outside on a restaurant's patio on April 26th.

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