Monday, August 31, 2009

Pocketship Expense Report

I wish the photo above was my Pocketship but I did wet out all of the fiberglass on the bottom of the hull today. Hopefully, I will be ready to rig my boat at the end of September or early October.

As promised here is the summary of how much my Pocketship has cost.
All amounts are in Canadian dollars and include taxes, shipping, exchange rate if shipped from the US, and duty if applicable.

Pocketship Plans $293.16

Okoume plywood (16 sheets) $1074.08
Epoxy resin and hardener $1506.23
Fiberglass cloth and tape $404.83
Cabosil, wood flour, microballoons $294.24

Subtotal of above $3572.54
Note: All of the above is available from CLC (Chesapeake Light Craft) as a Pocketship kit for $3350 US.
My estimate is that the kit with shipping, exchange, and taxes would have cost about $4940.

Teak cabin decking $305.32
Timber for stringers, companionway, tabernacle, cleats, rubrails etc. $760.55
(this includes using mahogany for the companionway)

Primer and paint for cabin interior $141
Interlux primer, Brightsides, Schooner varnish, VC Performance Epoxy
for hull, topsides, cockpit $595

Sailboat hardware (includes all sailing hardware, hull hardware, running rigging) $2568
CLC sells all of this in 3 kits for $2467 US which with shipping, exchange, and taxes would have cost me about $3496 CDN.
My hardware also includes brass deadlights, turnbuckles, gudgeon and pintles which is probably about a $300 upgrade from the CLC kits.

Sails ordered from CLC $1496.22

Saw blades, clamps, respirator, shop disposables (tons of sandpaper, foam rollers, brushes) $727

250 lbs lead wheel weights from tire shop $80

New tools ( jigsaw, power planer, orbital sander, hand planes, pneumatic brad nailer, router and router table, bench grinder, table saw) $930.86

Total for my Pocketship $11,469.43
This figure is accurate within $100-200. I became a little lax lately about keeping track of some minor purchases.

If you already have most of the power tools the cost is closer to $10,500.
By comparison a brand new Club 420 dinghy like we took sailing lessons in this spring costs about $10-11,000. Pocketship is certainly a lot more boat than a Club 420 and of course I didn't really decide to build my Pocketship because I was looking for the cheapest way of getting a sailboat.

I still haven't purchased a trailer but it appears a EZ-Loader EZL80 15-16 foot 2000 lb should be about $1550 before taxes.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - Just found your site. You are doing a great job with both the site and boat. Hope to build a boat myself soon and I am considering the Pocketship. As soon as a great some first hand reports of her sailing ability I will be closer to my decision. Keep up the good work!