Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not quite ready...

Last week didn't work out quite as planned. A combination of wet weather and neighbour and friend schedule conflicts meant I have postponed turning over the boat. Instead I spent a couple of days sanding the topsides, cockpit, cabin decking, and forward decking in preparation for painting.

Lazarette turned out to be a convenient place to toss all of the used sandpaper as I sanded all the topsides surfaces of this "large" 15 foot boat.

I use 80 grit on the first pass over to get rid of the drips and larger imperfections and then go over a second time with 120 to get that smooth consistent gray colour. I am still getting used to spots where initially I think I didn't fill the fiberglass weave enough and then it turns out just to be the transfer of the weave pattern to the epoxy coats. When wiped with a damp clean cloth the surface has a nice smooth wood grain finish which I guess means it is ready for primer and paint.

Final cleanup of the garage in preparation for painting has started. This photo show the boom, yard, and bowsprit ready to be moved to the more dust free basement for epoxy and varnish. The mast is also laid out for assembly.

I ordered the last hardware for my Pocketship, the sail track. I will have to use 6 foot pieces instead of 12 foot track. Shipping of the 6 foot sections was $12.95 by post rather than $200-$500 by truck freight for the 12 foot lengths. The track was only $130 so I will have to compromise and work with connecting 2 pieces of track for the mast and for the boom.
I should be able to post shortly a record of what my Pocketship has cost to build. If you want to leave a comment with your guess I'll help you out. It is more than $7,500 but less than $15,000.

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