Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Boat Flip: Part 1

Here is the photo story of the first flip of my Pocketship.

Remove one side of the cradle.

Remove the other side of the cradle.

Stare at the boat and realize there is not enough room in the garage to allow 2 people to flip it over.

Call over 5 neighbours and friends and carry the boat out of the garage.

Roll the boat over carefully and cross fingers the keel does not snap off.

Do my little happy dance since the boat is safely on the lawn.

Carry it back into the garage.

A completely different view of the boat that I will be looking at for a couple of weeks. I will jack it up so the keel is level later; it was now time to enjoy a beer with my helpful neighbours.


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Dave C. said...

I said a little "Wow" to myself also. I was just out today and I think I found a trailer that will fit Pocketship.