Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Construction update

It has been 8 days since my last post but only 3 days of boat construction because of hosting the 8th Annual Shaftesbury High School Men's Gourmet Dinner and being at the cottage for the weekend. I was also hampered yesterday and today by my fingertip meeting the wrong edge of a utility knife while cutting up some styrofoam sheets to fit in the car at the local big box home store. I don't think the sale clerk was impressed with the blood dripping on to the sales receipt. The following photos detail progress in the last 3 days.
Two coats of primer and 3 coats of finish paint in cabin.

Put the teak decking back in.

Oops , almost forgot to put a line through under the floorboards for future wiring. Second oops, you can see the extra wide gap between the center floorboards. No idea how that happened; but my story now is that it was intentional for the wiring.

I primed and painted the footwell sides and sole before installing them.

These are what I am calling the lazarette decking. 

These are the additional cleats I installed for the lazarette decking. There is also a new cleat on the footwell sides.

Stuff in as much flotation foam as possible below the lazarette decking. The lazarette decking divides the watertight compartment into two watertight compartments and now gear stowed in the lazarettes does not chew up the flotation foam.

The cabin gets protected with cardboard and newspaper in case of epoxy drips from the next stages of construction. The footwell sides and sole are now glued into place. The red hose is for a cheap pneumatic brad nailer I bought. Much quicker and neater than using temporary screws to fasten the decking etc. The brads are stainless steel so I can just fiberglass right over top of them.

Up next: Gluing the forward, lazarette, and cockpit  decking into place.

Below are some photos from the Shaftesbury High School 8th Annual Men's Dinner:

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Steve said...

Wow... it not only looking more like a boat... but a good looking boat too...!