Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada Day Boat Building

Topsides and rear cabin wall were stitched on the boat on Canada Day (July 1). The photos now give you a much better idea of Pocketship's overall lines. Pocketship's cabin is integrated with the hull sides which I find more attractive and modern than being just a box on top of the decking like so many of the other older style boat plans I looked at. The aft view shows the seatback frames and emphasizes again how spacious the cockpit is. The lighter colored piece at the top of the rear cabin wall will be cut out later to make way for the companionway opening.

After a morning of topsides stitching I went to the Osborne Street festival Canada Day celebrations. Several blocks of the normally very busy thoroughfare were filled with vendors, extra large patios bars in the middle of the street from the neighbourhood bars/restaurants, and lots of live entertainment. Over the course of the day it is likely that about 70,000 people took in the festivities.

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