Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Don't have one of those newfangled drill presses to bore the one inch holes in the boom gallows for the stainless steel posts that attach to the deck?  Make a drilling guide out of the stanchion fitting that will hold the posts to the deck. The photo show my amateur looking jig that tries to keep everything in place. Make sure you screw things in place or if you just clamp it like my first attempt it may just spin out of control once you start drilling. Two hints from the voice of experience; don't touch the stanchion immediately after drilling (it can be very hot) and take out the set screws from the stanchion before drilling unless you want to be searching for them on your shop floor. I think I got the holes drilled straight and positioned correctly but I guess I won't be certain until I actually try to install the boom gallows on the boat.


Hendrik said...

Looking good.
You are light years ahead on my progress.
Did you put packing tape on the edge of the building frame to stop the boat sticking to it when the resin is applied.

Dave C. said...

Not yet :-)
It wasn't really something I thought about since it isn't mentioned in the manual but it sounds like a good precaution. I will check if I can squeeze some tape in now in any places I think that drops from the fillets can cause a potential problem.
Any epoxying is on hold again for a few days as the weather has turned nasty again. Last night we ate dinner on a restaurant patio and today the high was only 3 degrees. I feel safe letting epoxy cure when the temp goes up to 15 during the day and I can keep a heater on over night but if the temp is going to consistently hover around 2 degrees I will wait for warmer weather.