Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do these fillets make me look fat?

I completed about half the fillets today and it turns out my possibly too big of tack welds were not as big as I thought. Most of the fillets look like the ones in the photos. I am NOT posting any of the not so nice ones where I have some awkward sanding and chiseling to do. 
However I did come across a problem that I have posted on the Pocketship forum.
Here is my problem as posted on the forum.

When I was removing the masking tape that I used to help in fillet cleanup there are places where the tape pulled up a thin layer of epoxy from the side panels that have been fiberglassed and sanded. You can peel it off much like peeling off the thin layers of an onionskin. The remaining fiberglass appears structurally sound. I searched on the web but couldn't find any help on the subject. The side panels were done outside in the garage. Is it possible the last coat of epoxy did not cure enough in cooler weather before I sanded? Other fiberglassing that I did indoors (rudder, centerboard trunk, centerboard) are fine. Being a novice fiberglasser I am anxious to find a solution and to make sure it does not happen again. I am assuming it is not something I should ignore in order to make sure additional layers of fiberglass and paint adhere properly.

I answered the question I queried on my May 6th post. After an hour and half I had removed approximately 183 wire stitches (I lost count a few times). The good news; I only entombed one stitch in epoxy that had to be removed by  heating it with a propane torch. That explains the one matchstick in the pile of assorted stitches. The cable ties work quickly but do not pull as tight as the wire stitches. There are a few oversized wire stitches in the pile that I used in a few stubborn areas where the 18 gauge wire kept breaking.

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