Monday, March 30, 2009

It's snowing epoxy...

The keel has been straightened and I was outside today sanding the bottom of the keel and rounding the edges with the router.  During the routering, for about 5 seconds,  I thought it was snowing again because there were big white flakes everywhere. Then I realized it was the router spitting out cured epoxy. Flakes of epoxy were flying all over and unlike real snowflakes they have a lot of static and stick to everything. I'm glad I'm no longer working in the basement; the mess even with a vacuum attached would have been horrendous.

The photo shows a nice straight keel all set to have lead poured into it. I found a 3 quart cast iron humidifier/kettle at the local home centre in their BBQ section. When I got home I found out it is exactly the same one shown being used in the Pocketship manual. Hopefully, that is a good omen for the lead pouring. 

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