Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fiberglass Virgin No More!

 A milestone day, did my first epoxy, fiberglass work ever. Fiberglassed the inside of the centerboard trunk and glued together blocks of wood for the noseblock and bowsprit. I can see why gloves are an absolute necessity unless you want to epoxy your fingers and other assorted body parts together.  The first photos show the trunk and bowsprit curing. The other photo is the tiller cut from a nice piece of cherry and the gallows from a 2x8 piece of nice fir that is part of a bunk bed/desk I made for my son 20 years ago. Sometimes it pays to be a packrat and save some of those old pieces of lumber. The noseblock and part of the keel will also be milled from salvaged parts of this timber that I just couldn't throw away on my clean up the workshop days.  The tiller and gallows are still just raw wood and have not been epoxied and varnished yet.

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