Monday, August 12, 2013

The Final Post --- Old Captain...New Captain

The official hand off of "So True" was official on Sunday, August 11, 2013.  In the photo above is me, the old captain on the right, squinting into sun shaking the hand of the new captain Mike Gannon. Mike and his wife Marie-Andrée undertook a 2400 km three day drive from Montreal to pick up the first Pocketship to launch after the prototype.

As shown by the title this will be the final post on my blog but Mike has indicated he may start up a blog to document the future sailing adventures of So True on the Saint Lawrence and its tributaries.
I will leave the blog active as surprisingly to me it still attracts a regular and consistent readership even though my posts have basically stopped.

Although our sailing experiences on So True were limited I have not regretted for one second the marvellous memories of my first boat building project. Final kudos are due to the designer, John C. Harris, of Chesapeake Light Craft for the fantastic design and excellent comprehensive building plans.

As far as boat building projects go, I am kind of working backwards on the size scale. Last summer I built a hybrid Wood Duck 12 with a cedar strip deck for my brother to use a fishing kayak and when we move to Australia next year I plan at some point to make a pair of stand up paddle boards.

The two captains in a more relaxed pose.

Proud new owner

Correction... two new proud owners.

Proud old (and I mean previous, not old as in age) owners.

So True starts its 2400 km road trip back to Montreal.
Pocketship's beautiful lines look almost as good on the trailer as when afloat.

There was a little bit of sadness seeing my creation drive away but I cannot imagine So True finding a more deserving and enthusiastic new captain.


davlafont said...

Greetings Dave C.

I hope you intend to leave this blog "out there" and will entertain questions into the future. I only recently became interested in the Pocketship and found your blog... just as So True changed hands. Thanks for sharing!

Dave L.

Dave C. said...

I will leave the blog "out there". I just cannot promise how timely I will be on answering any questions but I will do my best.

Bruce Wilson said...

Gidday Dave,

I am assuming so true has sold - had bought a CLC 18' cat rigged sharpie for use on the pungo River - unfortunately a little too tender here on the inner banks and this pocket ship looks interesting and quite stiff. I was wondering if you know of any others on the market.

Cheers mate

Hope you enjoyed Australia

Bruce Wilson

Dave C. said...

Sorry, I don't personally know about any Pocketships for sale. A good place to start is probably to go to the Pocketship Forum at

Cheers from down under,