Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Proper Home

"So True" now has a deserving storage home. Constructing a real garage at the cottage for my Pocketship would have cost more than the boat so I opted for one of those portable garages. On one trip to the cottage I assembled the frame over top of "So True" and on the next trip installed the cover.

Final assembly was just in time to be tested by multiple thunderstorms and more monsoon like rains.

The cottage lot had just about dried enough to pull the boat out and now I am back to square one as you can see by the photos. 

After the garage was up I had time to clean up "So True" from all the water and dirt that had mysteriously made its way through the tarp that was previously covering the boat. Cleaning the boat was like a scene from the movie Arachnophobia; I am sure I killed dozens of undiscovered species of spiders.

I am anxious to get "So True" out on the water before I completely forget everything I learned in our sailing lessons last spring. On the other hand, if we get any more rain I will be able to sail her right on the cottage lot. 
We are planning to have a swale dug to help with drainage problems on the cottage property as there is a ditch we can connect to that drains to the lake which is 100 yards away.

For those interested the portable garage is a Shelter Logic 12 x 24 x 10 foot garage designed for trucks and SUV's and has an 8"6" door height that easily accommodates Pocketship's tabernacle and mast height. It was on sale for $549 and hopefully will survive our winter snow loads.

I really, really,  really want my next posting to be about actually sailing in "So True". Ironically, apart from all the rain, wind conditions on the lake have been almost perfect for us beginner sailors.

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