Thursday, February 19, 2009

How you going?

"How you going" is Aussie slang for how are things with you today. The photo is looking at Surfer's Paradise from the beach at Burleigh Heads on Australia Day. 

Got back from Australia on February 7th but combined with the jet lag and returning to cold weather was very unmotivated and did not get back to working on the boat until today. My son's wedding in Australia was fantastic ( for wedding photos ) and we cannot wait to go back for another visit (or maybe for our retirement years?).  

Even though I have been slow to get back to boat building I did go through the manual and make a list of all the sailing hardware I need and ordered almost all of it from The Chandlery in Ottawa. They have a lowest price guarantee and also have a sale this month with 15% off their regular low prices.  

Thanks to Hendrik in Sydney, Australia who recommended a Tajima pull saw for cutting plywood. I went to a Bunnings (an Australian Home Depot clone) and purchased one for $22 ($18 Cdn).  My one suitcase must have been interesting when it went through the X-ray scanner at security. Six bottles of wine , assorted strange shaped souvenirs, and then a big saw blade.

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