Friday, November 21, 2008

All I Want for Christmas...

I am not neglecting this blog but since my Pocketship plans have still not arrived there is not much to blog about. I have purchased some new tools, a DeWalt orbital sander, a jigsaw, and power planer. Everything is ready to go so now it is just up to Santa to make an early delivery of the plans.

If the plans do not arrive soon Christmas will take precedence over boat building and in January we are away for a month to attend my son's wedding in Australia. I guess I should  resign myself to the fact that boat building will probably not begin in earnest until mid-February.


Rich said...

Still didn't get the plans? I read on the CLC website they are shipping.

Dave C. said...

My newest post details the arrival of the plans. Because of Christmas and being away in January I will not be able to do much more than read the instruction manual before February.

Dave C.